Orlando vacations can be coveted memories in your life. There are many things to do in Orlando. Whether you are going to soak up some sun, shop, hit all the popular tourist spots or just lounge away the days, you are bound to have a great time. There are a few things to remember that can make your trip even more enjoyable. One thing that you should think about when you are looking into Orlando vacations is your budget. Decide on your price range for accommodations and sho...

Planning Orlando Vacations, Right Down To The Sunblock

Planning Orlando Vacations, Right Down To The SunblockOrlando vacations can be coveted memories in your life. There are many things to do in Orlando. Whether you are going to soak up some sun, shop, hit all the popular tourist spots or just lounge away the days, you are bound to have a great time. There are a few things to remember that can make your trip even more enjoyable. One thing that you should think about when you are looking into Orlando vacations is your budget. Decide on your price range for accommodations and shop accordingly. You can look at online sites for discount lodging. Or, if you are booking a vacation through a travel agency, check what kind of hotels they have planned. Remember to compare price and amenities. Cheaper isnt always better. Depending on how many are traveling in your party and how long you plan to stay, you may find that renting a house for your vacation makes more sense. Another thing that you should think about when you are considering where to stay on Orlando vacations is location. Check to see what side of town most interests you and try to find accommodations on that side. After all, you dont want to spend the majority of your time traveling. You want to spend it enjoying life. If you know that you want to travel around the area but you are going to fly to your Orlando vacations, you might think about renting a car. Compare the costs and hassles of public transportation to those of renting a car for the duration of your stay. Also consider whether youre comfortable driving in unfamiliar areas. If you plan to do some sightseeing outside the immediate area, public transportation may simply be too expensive. When you pack for your Orlando vacations, pack for what youre going to be doing. If you are out for a weekend of romance, dress for romance. Bring comfortable clothes for sightseeing, but pack at least one knock-em dead outfit because few people can resist the lure of the Orlando nightlife. You may think that you arent going for the water, but bring a suit anyway. You may change your mind, even if it is in the hotel pool. Perhaps most importantly, remember sun block. You may figure you can stop and buy some, but the lure of the beach may be too much to resist from the first opportunity. You dont want to spend half of your Orlando vacations blistered and miserable. When planning your Orlando vacations, try to think about what you need before you go. Be smart with your budget. After you do all of this, the only thing left is to make the trip to Orlando where youll relax, kick back, and have a blast.

Copenhagen Ice Rinks and Danish Elephants

Copenhagen  Ice Rinks and Danish Elephants

On my first visit to Denmark, I fell in love with the country and the city of Copenhagen. Contrary to my guidebook, you could see elephants and experience ice hockey in the dead of summer.The Hanson BrothersUpon arriving in Copenhagen, I was burned out from backpacking and looking forward to a good nap. I was traveling with three other Americans and we became distressed as each subsequent hostel told us all beds were sold. After asking around [okay, we were in a bar], we were given a lift by a local to a hotel guaranteed to have space. I could only sigh as we pulled up to the ice rink for the local professional team. Since we were high and dry, we entered and booked our beds. Left face off dot. Yes, our beds were arranged around the left face off dot. To make a little extra money during the summer, the rink melted the ice and set up beds everywhere. The scene can best be described as a giant collection of cubicles in an office with beds instead of desks. It was cheap, dry and had a communal feel since you could hear everything. If youve seen the movie Slap Shot, it was like living with a few hundred Hanson Brothers. Danish ElephantsOkay, there was one Danish elephant. Okay, it was made out of wood. And poured beer. From its trunk. Ah, let me start at the beginning. Having been befriended by some local Danes, we were asked in hushed tones if we would like to see real Danish elephants. Yes, wed be able to touch them. No, they werent dangerous. We could even ride them? Wow, this was going to be a great entry in my Nomad travel journal. We were picked up at the "ice rink" that evening and taken to the center of town. We stopped in front of what looked like all the world to be a small tavern. This is where they keep the elephants? We walked into a small tavern witha life-sized, wood elephant. As it turned out, the elephant was the worlds biggest and best beer dispensing unit. Put you glass under the trunk and pull down on a tusk to dispense your beverage of choice. Each tusk provided a different beer, but I investigated the mechanism far to often that evening and dont recall the brands. Unfortunately, there didnt appear to be an aspirin elephant anywhere to be seen the next morning. If youre going to be visiting Copenhagen and dont give a hoot about privacy, the ice rink hotel cant be beat for price and a communal spirit. Well, maybe by the Danish elephants, but dont tell anyone I told you.

The Streets Of London

The Streets Of London

I sat and watched from my seat in a street caf on Londons Oxford Street as a young man pleaded for loose change from passers by.Most pretended to be oblivious to the young mans plight and continued their way along one of Londons busiest and thriving shopping streets.Several minutes passed before an elegantly dressed woman took pity on the youth. Digging deep into her pockets she produced a couple of coins and offered them to the poor guy.As I sipped my coffee and observed the exchange, it puzzled me how two human beings could take such radically different paths on their journey through life.At what stage of life do some people make the wrong choice and set off on the road to oblivion.Or maybe our ultimate destiny is already decided and fate has made our decisions for us.Whatever the truth, the two exchanged smiles as the woman made her merry way and entered a nearby store.Oxford Street is the shopping hub of London, a wealth of designer stores that can damage even the most affluent of credit cards.The cosmopolitan capital city of England, London simply oozes history and culture on virtually every street corner.Its vast multi-ethnic population makes for a tremendously diverse range of shops, bars and restaurants to cover the tastes of most visiting palettes.Londons recent history has been dominated by the suicide bombings during the summer of 2005 and the devastating effects suffered by so many families and friends of the innocent victims.If any good came from these tragic events it was the show of strength from the communities, how people bonded together and formed lasting friendships.But the events demonstrated how vulnerable we all are, even somewhere as prosperous as London.In todays world where more and more becomes affordable to so many, its important to remember those not as fortunate as ourselves.

Budapest Health Resort Spas

Budapest  Health Resort Spas

Budapest is an amazing city with so many attractions that it is hard to know where to start. The health resort spas seem as good a place as any.Budapest SpasBudapest sits on a tectonic plate fault line in Eastern Europe. While earthquakes seem inevitable, one advantage to the location is the proliferation of mineral water spas in the city. Here are a few highlights.The Gellert Spa Hotel is located in the center of Budapest on the eastern shore of the Danube River. From the front, the hotel looks like a classic renaissance building you would find in Paris or Vienna. The entrance to the hotel opens onto an indoor pool that looks like something out of ancient Rome. The square pool is surrounded by baroque columns and covered by a glass roof two stories above the water. Palms, plants and relaxing Hungarians are everywhere. It is staggeringly impressive.For roughly ten dollars, you can have the full Gellert experience. There is on mixed sex indoor pool and two sections reserved for just men and women. In these reserved sections, one can get massage services, but keep in mind these are vigorous Turkish style massages. Put another way, you will be getting slapped around a bit instead of nearly falling asleep.At the rear of the Gellert, there is an outdoor area that rivals any Las Vegas hotel. Unlike Vegas hotels with themes, this pool area is truly historic. The area comes with marble steps, ceramic tile mosaics and lush landscape. One tends to feel a bit like you are taking a bath in the Vatican.Other SpasFrankly, there are spas all over the place in Budapest. Although I didnt personally visit it, I was told very good things about the Kiraly Baths. Kiraly was apparently built during Turkish rule and the spa experience is entirely Turkish.If you get the chance to visit Budapest, make sure you drop by one of the spas. Prices are relatively cheap and the experience is definitely worth it.

Mexico Vacation Rentals and Holiday Homes

With the beautiful Gulf Coast on one site and the Pacific Ocean on the other, with both ancient Aztec temples and gleaming modern buildings, Mexico is much more than just the United States' neighbor to the south.Today's Mexico is still a land of deserts and mountainous plateaus; the smoking volcano of Teotihuac?n near Mexico City is echoed by nearby pyramids all the way down to the tropical wonderland of the Yucat?n Peninsula. But it's also one of the most modern cities in the world. The poverty level in Mexico has been slashed by over a third during the last few years, and their burgeoning trades with other countries are quickly modernizing the country. It may not be long before its equal in stature with the United States.If you choose to go on a Mexico vacation, you're certain to find all the comforts you're used to at home. You don't have to worry about "drinking the water" today. Though the cities are crowded and traffic can not just foreign, but alien, culture has been exchanged between the U.S. and Mexico for so many years that you will find the people just different enough to be interesting. And while in some ways the U.S. seems tired of itself, Mexico is just the opposite: alive, young, vibrant, and filled with color.Besides, Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.Baja California: The Land's EndWith Cabo San Lucas and Tijuana, one would think that Baja California was developed out. But it is, surprisingly, viewed by most Mexicans in the same way Americans view Alaska: as a remote frontier, untamed and beautiful. But Baja is alien in many ways. It has beautiful expanses of desert walled in by harsh mountain. Lush semi-tropical areas dot the coast, and between them are hundreds of miles of untouched, undeveloped beach and coastline. In Laguna San Ignacio, tourists can view rare California Gray Whales when they migrate here to give birth and start raising their young.For those uninterested in ecotourism, many of Baja's populated and more secluded beaches are perfect for baking one's body to the perfect shade of brown, or to enjoy some of the excellent hotels in this area. Alternately, beach houses and vacation rentals are a great way to spend a quiet, secluded vacation in an undeniable tropical paradise.Cancun: The Night LifeBut your perfect Mexico vacation might be more along the lines of finding the perfect cantina to sit and listen to music while looking at the other beauties Mexico offers. Cancun is the perfect place. With its blue waters and white beaches during the day, it seems tame; but at night, it lights up with the energy and the vibrancy of a very new city; Cancun is only 25 years old, in contrast with the Mayan ruins just a little further inland on the Yucatan Peninsula. Whether you like looking at old stones or tanned bodies, Cancun has much to offer its visitors.There's much more to Mexico than its far northwest and far southeast. Thousands of miles lie between Cancun and Cabo, miles filled with adventure and fascination and glorious sights. But you'll never see it if you don't go.Rent holiday home or vacation rental in Mexico and enjoy your stay!

The Province Of Alberta

The Province of Alberta is approximately 255,200 square miles in size and boasts incredible scenery and abundant natural resources. It is situated between the provinces of Saskatchewan to the East and British Columbia to the west, with Northwest Territories to the North and the state of Montana, USA bordering the south. Alberta is in the Mountain Time Zone which is Greenwich Meantime -7 hours. Between the months of April and October Daylight Saving is in effect and the difference is GMT -6 hours. There are two main cities, Edmonton (The Provincial Capital) in the north and Calgary in the south. Edmonton is located approximately 300 kilometers north of Calgary, with a healthy rivalry between the sports teams and the populations in general. There are several other Towns and Cities that have a lot to offer including Lethbridge, Red Deer, Brooks, Medicine Hat and Fort McMurray to the far north. The Provinces landscape is extremely varied and provides a multitude of Recreational Possibilities. From flat open prairies, raging rivers, turquoise lakes and majestic glaciers to the awesome beauty of the magnificent Canadian Rockies.Not surprisingly, the most prized assets of the province are the Banff and Jasper National Parks, coupled with the pristine Kananaskis Country. Banff is by far the more commercial with the Mount Norquay, Sunshine and Lake Louise ski hills close by. The town is a beautiful place but becomes fairly crowded during the summer and winter with tourist/skiers flocking to the town. Bears are a fairly common sight all around the area and there are often deer roaming around.The world famous Ice field Parkway offers one of the most breathtaking drives in the world as it winds through mountain passes and past enormous Glaciers and emerald blue lakes. Be warned, photographs and videos do not do justice to the scenery as to appreciate the enormity of the area you have to stand there and take it all in. Once you complete the drive, you will have passed the Columbia ice field where snow coaches will take you for tours on the Glacier. The Town site of Jasper awaits at the end of the parkway and offers a less commercialised mountain town experience. The stunning Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon are a must see and there are sight seeing tours up the Jasper Tramway to the Whistlers summit (2470m high). Please note that you will need a valid park pass to stop in any national park or to drive on the Ice Field Parkway.Alberta has the lowest overall taxes in Canada (Provincial tax rate is 10%) and is the only province that doesn't have a provincial sales tax. It boasts one of the worlds most vibrant and competitive economies that thrives on the back of massive oil and gas resources with the massive Oil sands projects in the far north promising more Oil than Saudi Arabia! The recent mad cow crisis has damaged the famous Beef industry though this will hopefully be resolved soon. The Provincial Government actively encourages Business Development and investment; this in turn fosters the economic growth and performance that is leading Canada's economic recovery. Alberta is now debt free as a Province after paying off over $20 Billion mainly due to the massive oil and gas revenues. As with all the Provinces, Alberta regulates its own Education System. Currently, the education budget is receiving a great deal of attention from Albertans who are pushing hard for more investment. Also, the money previously used for debt servicing will now be made available for infrastructure investment billions of dollars have been allocated to this.The Provincial agency for assessment of foreign qualifications is The Edmonton based International Qualification Assessment Service (IQAS). This service is critical to enable Canadian employers assess your education and was also a requirement for the visa application when we applied. Also on the self regulation list are Driver Licensing, Workers Compensation Board, Social Welfare Program and a Provincial Nominee Immigration Program. Professional regulation is also governed at a Provincial level - all the information can be found through our "Job search" pages. The major political concern for the Alberta Government (headed by long serving Premier Ralph Klein and his conservative party) is the Provincial Healthcare system. All Canadians want extra funding to forestall what is perceived as a deteriorating service. I must admit that it is definitely better funded per capita than the UK for instance. The Federal Government is paying out several billion dollars to help out over the next few years and the Provincial Government is making it a priority as well. Alberta has a rich history from the prehistoric days of the dinosaurs, the time of the first nations ruling the land, through western settlement and the journey towards independence. There are several world heritage sites in Alberta with the main two being the very impressive Royal Tyrell Paleontology museum near Drumheller and the Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump site near Lethbridge. The Tyrell museum is a world leader on Dinosaurs with some fantastic displays that are a treat for any family. The Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump is an amazing interpretive centre that demonstrates how the native Indians joined together at certain times of the year for the big buffalo jump where they skillfully drove herds of buffalo over a cliff. When successful enough food was gathered for the participants to get them through the winter and all parts of the buffalo were used. Unfortunately, the arrival of the western settlers destroyed this way of life with the buffalo hunted to near extinction. Alberta is a fantastic place to live or visit and the sheer number of Canadian s moving to the Province is testimony to the lifestyles on offer. With the future promising increasing revenues from the Oil and Gas industry and massive investment Alberta is the place to be. The majestic rockie mountains provide fantastic recreational possibilities that are virtually unsurpassed anywhere else in the world.More information on living and visiting Alberta can be found at


Orlando vacations can be coveted memories in your life. There are many things to do in Orlando. Whether you are going to soak up some sun, shop, hit all the popular tourist spots or just lounge away the days, you are bound to have a great time. There are a few things to remember that can make your trip even more enjoyable. One thing that you should think about when you are looking into Orlando vacations is your budget. Decide on your price range for accommodations and sho...